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In the Pages of Sea History 160

Sea History 160 is in the mail and on the newsstands. Just look at what’s in this issue:

Austin Dwyer

Collision in the Narrows: the 1917 Halifax Harbor Explosion, by Roger Marsters
The most powerful man-made explosion before the Atomic Age came with little warning on a cold December morning in Halifax, Nova Scotia, when a collision between two cargo ships in the harbor set off a catastrophic chain reaction, catching all in its radius in its devastating blast.

To Boldly Go…” NASA Astronauts Taking the Lessons of Sail Training into Space, by Bert Rogers, with Mark Scibinico
The link between ocean voyaging and space exploration might be closer than you think. NASA astronauts find the lessons from sail training aboard the 1877 barque Elissa valuable in their preparations for space flight.

Arader Gallery

A New Look at Nathaniel Bowditch, Nineteenth-Century America’s Numbers Man, by Tamara Plakins Thornton
Mariners know his name from their well-used navigational “ bible,” The New American Practical Navigator, but Nathaniel Bowditch’s obsession with numbers and order left a legacy in other fields few would realize came from his work.

The 2017 National Maritime Historical Society Annual Awards Dinner, by Julia Church
NMHS will recognize three deserving members of the maritime heritage community this fall. Here’s a sneak peek at the gala celebration.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Probing the Mysteries of the Jones Act: Part 2, by Michael J. Rauworth
Mike Rauworth breaks down the origins and modern-day ramifications of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 in this second installment of a two-part series on the Jones Act.

On WatchSS United States Engineer Bob Sturm Still Serving the “Big U,” by Bill Bleyer
More than a half a century after he signed off as a junior engineer aboard the famed ocean liner SS United States, Bob Sturm returns to serve his old ship—this time in the archives.

US Coast Guard Collection

Coast Guardsman Robert Goldman, and the Kamikaze Attack on LST-66, by William H. Thiesen
After a Japanese Zero fighter attacked their ship, a burned and badly injured pharmacist’s mate rushed across the burning deck to the aid of his wounded shipmates. Learn about the heroics of this young Coast Guardsman and his dedication and sacrifice for his shipmates, his ship, and his nation.

National History Day Prizes in Maritime History, Sponsored by NMHS
More than half a million students participated in National History Day competitions this year. NMHS encourages students to pursue topics in maritime history and recognizes outstanding projects in state competitions. Learn more about NHD and this year’s award winners.

Plus, you’ll find the regular features you look forward to in every issue:

Deck Log
NMHS: A Cause in Motion
Marine Art News
Sea History for Kids
Ship Notes, Seaport & Museum News
Maritime History on the Internet
Book Reviews

On our cover this issue: Diamond Jubilee, by Robert Semler.

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