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Sea History Press

Sea History Press publishes educational and reference works, classic sea stories and books about our maritime heritage.


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A Dream of Tall Ships: How New Yorkers came together to save the city’s sailing-ship waterfront, by Peter and Norma Stanford

SSSBcoverSMSouth Street Seaport Museum founders Peter and Norma Stanford recount their story, how the idea of bringing ships back to the New York waterfront led to the creation of this iconic institution. (Read more.)

Hardcover, 596 pages, illustrated.  $25 + $6.95 s/h in US; call for international rates.


“our flag was still there”: The Sea History Press Guide to the War of 1812-Its History and Bicentennial Commemorations

Maritime historian and award-winning author William H. White will guide readers through the highlights of both the land campaigns and the sea battles as he explains the issues that led up to the declaration of war, the political tensions, events, and key players. Our Flag Was Still There also serves as a guidebook to the bicentennial celebrations across the country, including events that are held every year. Softcover, 151 pages, illustrated.  $10 + $6.95 s/h in US; call for international rates.


The Skipper & the Eagle

With an introduction by Admiral Robert J. Papp Jr., Commandant, US Coast Guard.

The year was 1946, the place was bomb-shattered Bremerhaven. Amid the confusion of bombed cities, the displaced persons and food and housing shortages, Commander Gordon McGowan, US Coast Guard, found himself the master of a three-masted barque, a battered prize of war which he had to transform into a well-found Coast Guard training ship able to make a transatlantic voyage under sail. Hardcover, 225 pages, 36 illustrations. $15 + $6.95 s/h in US, call for international rates.


Voyages: Documents in American Maritime History by Dr. Joshua Smith
Volume I: The Age of Sail, 1492–1865

Voyages covers the entirety of the American maritime experience, from the discovery of the continent to the present. Published in cooperation with the University Press of Florida, the selections chosen for this anthology of primary texts and images place equal emphasis on the ages of sail …


Voyages: Documents in American Maritime History by Dr. Joshua Smith
Volume II: The Age of Engines, 1865–Present

… and steam, on the Atlantic and Pacific, on the Gulf Coasts and the Great Lakes, and on the high seas and inland rivers.

The texts have been chosen to provide interesting, usable, and historically significant documents that will prompt class discussion and critical thinking. In each case, the material is linked to the larger context of American history, including issues of gender, race, power, labor, and the environment.

Joshua Smith, associate professor of humanities at the US Merchant Marine Academy, is the author of Borderland Smuggling: Patriots, Loyalists, and Illicit Trade in the Northeast, 1783–1820, winner of the North American Society for Oceanic History’s John Lyman Book Award for Best US Maritime History.


Harbor Voices: New York Harbor tugs, ferries, people, places & more…
Anthology by Terry Walton

Harbor Voices celebrates New York’s working harbor within lively recent memory—the people, places and vessels that make the city work. It includes behind the scenes stories of tug skippers, little-known islands, arch-windowed waterfront buildings, and more as interconnections to earlier times. 179 pages, soft cover, illustrated.


John Stobart and the Ships of South Street

Sea History Press is honored to premiere the booklet, John Stobart and the Ships of South Street. Featured within the booklet are John Stobart’s evocative paintings of ships sailing out of New York’s South Street. John Stobart’s essay, “A Fair Tide in South Street,” provides his personal account of how the ships and people of the South Street Seaport inspired him to create his paintings: canvases that depict the ships that built a city from the sea.


The Peking Battles Cape Horn – Irving Johnson
International Register of Historic Ships – Norman J. Brouwer
Sea History’s Guide to Maritime Programs and Cultural Sites: New York Region
The Ships That Brought Us So Far – Peter Stanford