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Olympic by William G. Muller


Limited edition of 875 signed and numbered prints

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It is 1930, The Statue of Liberty appears to hail the White Star liner Olympic as she steams out of New York harbor at dusk to begin a transatlantic voyage.  Soft light from the elegant interior hint at the excitement and anticipation within.  A harbor steam tug, dwarfed by the overwhelming size of the vessel with which she shares the waters, nudges her charge protectively, as the Fall River Line steamer Commonwealth rounds the battery undaunted, on schedule to Fall River, Massachusetts.  Built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast, the Olympic was launched in 1910.  She left Southhampton on June 14, 1911 on her maiden voyage to New York, hailed as the world’s largest liner: 45,324 gross tons, 882 feet long overall.  A successful long lived liner, Olympic’s service continued until April 1935.

Limited edition of 875 signed and numbered prints on 100% rag paper.