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Young America & Glory of the Seas by Edward D. Walker


Signed, fine art print

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12 1/2″ x 17 3/4″
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Young America was a clipper ship built by William H. Webb of New York. She was launched in 1853 and sailed in the California trade, transatlantic routes, and made voyages to Australia and the Far East. She was 243 feet in length with a beam of 43 feet 2 inches and a draft of 26 feet 9 inches. She weighed 1,439 tons. Young America  disappeared in 1886. On February 17, 1886, she passed the Delaware breakwater outward bound from Philadelphia for Flume under the command of Captain Viasich and was never heard of again.  The Glory of the Seas was a famous clipper ship designed by Donald McKay. She was to be McKay’s finest effort. She was launched in 1869. Her maiden voyage took 94 days from New York to San Francisco where McKay sold the ship due to financial hardship.